Project: Bullet Journal

Hello everyone! So I’m starting a bullet journal this year and I hope for the next years to come if I find it efficient and fulfilling to do although I may have an idea how starting it is fulfilling enough but hard. Starting has always been hard for me, I get too many distractions, for example, while I was making my bullet journal I got distracted by the television, text messages and manhwa (but they’re really good so I want to read them as soon as a notification comes in).

So, going back to my new bullet journal! Below are the pictures for the month of January because that was the only thing I made. I wanted to test how efficient was it and I know I kind of suck at making my journal beautiful but hopefully it’s just clean! (P.S. I hate the January habit tracker page because it looks awful I didn’t use any ruler! And I realized it was better to use those notebooks which are dotted!)

So there were many lessons learned. Now that I mention them, I am thinking that maybe I will transfer it to a dotted journal to save time using the ruler and I really have little talent in making lines straight.

I have read posts on how to start bullet journal and saving photos for inspiration to keep me on track but do you have any suggestions or comments if you ever had a bullet journal? Comment in and join the conversation!



Hello everyone!

It’s been tiring today since I really didn’t have enough sleep and I need to wake up early because of work. I had to take a bath while being so mean to others. Sigh.

Anyways, the next chapter for Aurae will be up this weekend, hopefully if I am not busy.

Next, I am currently thinking (Still thinking) for a new layout and how I should go on with my work, study, writing and coding all at the same time. I’m having a hard time now since I also have to deal with other responsibilities other than those mentioned.

All my days are full from morning to afternoon, evening is free but I must not stay up too late or I will just put a heavy burden to my body and my production.

BUT! I will never give up! I always have time to cheer up no matter what! So, don’t forget that too even if you’re having too much to do, okay? 🙂

Aurae: Chapter 1

I found myself staring at a woman. It’s as if I have been staring at her for the longest time in my life but I didn’t know when it started. Her eyes were lovely, out-of-this-world and familiar…

She was also staring at me. Her eyebrows showed curiosity and anger. Why?

I found it hard to separate my eyes from hers but I did. I was scanning her face and it really…looked like “her.”

I closed my weary eyes. Was it really her? Was it really the “her?” If it was her, why am I here? Why is she staring at me like she could see me? Maybe she does really see me or am I just dreaming? My desperate self is really out-of-line now. I think I’m going crazy – profoundly crazy – for being so desperate like this.

I decided to open these weary eyes and dreamy mind – silently hoping that this was really real, that this was not a creation of my desperate self and that she truly could see me.

She was still looking at me – my heart pounding like it always did whenever I see her. And finally she spoke with irritation in her voice, “What is the matter with you?”

I did not mean to irritate her – I mean, how did this even happen? I liked how this is happening but I did not like how we should have met for the first time. She is irritated and my voice could not find its escape.

She spoke again, irritation still in her voice, “Hey?! I do not want to judge you this hard but are you stalking me???” Stalking? I was not! I do not know why I am here, looking at you, standing in front of you! I am…lost. This is all new to me. Please don’t be angry. I…am sorry for staring at you.

“Mister, you cannot talk?” Stupid…me.

I finally responded, “So..rry. I…I did not mean to sta…stare. I…my…eyes are not at its functional state.” Functional state?! What excuse was that?

“Oh…sorry mister. I thought you were staring. Are you lost?” She actually believed that. She is too trusting and I am such a liar but a good one at that. Sighs. I should just go with it – she would not see me after this anyways. I’m going back after this. Who sent me here anyways? I did not ask for it…?

“I…yes…am lost,” lost in many ways.

“Can I be of any help, mister? Sorry about my attitude earlier, I…I was just…” She looked at me with a sad smile. Oh no! I made her sad what should I do?

“I’m the o-one w-who should a-a-apologize.” Yes, that is right. “I am s-so-sorry for unintentionally s-staring at you.” And finally, I gave her a smile.

“Oh, nothing to worry about! I get that a lot but not the kind like yours.” She scoffed and gave me a tight smile. I nodded in reply.

“And yeah, you did not answer my question. Do you need any help? If you are lost then maybe you need one?” A perfect opportunity to walk with her! The problem is, where should I head to?

“Y-yes. I need to find my way home.”

“Do you know where it is?”

I slowly, hesitantly, raised my arms and pointed to the right. “There.”

“Are you sure? You could not see mister and I am not quite sure if you’re right about that direction. I could be of help though. Here,” she grabbed my wrist and pulled me softly as she walked towards the opposite direction, “I think you belong to where we are going.”

The way she grabbed my wrist was cautious – like holding something you might destroy, like she was used to grabbing things always with force. I could only remember her face or how she looked when I was still looking at her from a distance but I could not remember who or what she was. This could be a dream because if it isn’t then I should have remembered everything about her – what she does, where she spends her time, who were with her and why she was like this – but I could not. This must be a dream.

I stopped walking and took my arm back, “Where are we going?”

“Look, we are almost there. Trust me. I am sure they could help. They are like you.”

“Like me?” Before I protested, she grabbed my wrist and walked faster.

Then this is a dream. If my friends are here then this must be a dream. I should just follow her.

I realized, at this moment, I was walking side by side with her. Just like how I wished. Brother was correct – “dreams occur when a wish is too hard to fulfill and somehow gives you happiness even if it isn’t true. It’s one way for us to be happy and sad afterwards. At least, we had it fulfilled in some way.”

I could not help but smile. Even though this was temporary, I was happy.

———— END


Aurae: Introduction

P.S. Thank you for taking your time to vote on how many chapters should I post every week! Very much appreciated! c: This is still an introduction – an overview about my emotional inspiration hahaha. Anyways, take time to read it and I will post this weekend the first chapter! See you on that day!

I personally love the song (the inspiration) because the story behind it is sad and reflects a love so pure – one which is selfless and eternal. I myself do not know what exactly pure love is but to me this is how pure love should be.

I’ve been crying – listening to this song – and I have decided to continue what I have been writing or make a new one, I prefer the latter though. While listening to the song many times, I have been picturing out scenes for each line and I think the song’s first verse would be the very first scene in my story. This is to give mystery for the readers.

My goal is to pour out my feelings to this story and fulfill my wish to experience this kind of love story even in the least direct way. My heart has been aching for quite a while now and I didn’t know why.

I just thought of my character’s model – ****** (I prefer not to say it) with a touch of every member’s antics (not making him so perfect though – maybe his imperfection would be his memory loss, idk at the moment). I see ******* as pure, sincere and passionate – looking him act during their performance of ****** at ******* was really heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time. I was thinking of making the character along the way or – never mind. I will give him his characteristics while I write (with, of course, ******* as inspiration).

I didn’t want this to be long but I am starting so this is just a warm-up exercise.

I do not solely wish that someone will read my “book” but if someone does, I hope it touches your heart. I hope you find that eternal love you are looking for. All I can say for now is – fight for what you truly love and don’t give up. I know we have limits as to how much we could handle all these struggles but I tell you, if you think they are worth it then, go. People may try to stop you from time to time but only you, can halt anything happening in your life.

Even if I do not know you, I thank you for taking your time to read this wonderful manuscript that I have also given time to. Please take care of me. Thank you.


Sincerely and passionately yours,

The angel who has broken its wings for the one she loves


P.S. My love will restore my wings but I will always be there by my love’s side.

An Unpublished Manuscript: Aurae

For a while now, I have written a story which has its roots of inspiration from one of my favorite songs but I would rather not tell what it is so I could keep you guessing. Anyways, I’m planning to post chapters on my blog (please see the poll at the end of this post for how many chapters should I post per week) and I am hoping that it would be read by someone even the smallest number of readers…that is appreciated. Taking time to read my work is something worthwhile isn’t it? Plus, I would also love if you could comment your reactions on each chapter so I have the slightest hints of your feedback about the story.

Get ready for an emotional introduction on the next post and also the first chapter.
I am really into tragic stories so maybe I should give you a heads up about the story.


Is eternal life more important than having you by my side? Or has the importance shifted to what they call eternal love? Even if I lost eternal life, the reason why I’m happy is because my forever is now you.

I will wipe your tears and walk with you wherever you may go because I want to protect you always so you want ever have to suffer.

See you in the next post my lovely legens!


I guess promises to yourself are easily broken.

So, I just found out this old blog and I was sure I made a promise about this but I totally forgot about it. Shameful of me.

Additionally, I have something in mind that may revive this blog back and I hope you will support me in this journey.

(And if you’re wondering what Revenite means, it means “come back”)

So I won’t make this Revenite blog post long.
See you in my next posts!

PinK: Clash of Kpop

JULY 19th. PinK or Purely into K-pop had their premiere event namely Clash of Kpop. The two main organizers of PinK are long-time Kpop fans and have been attending Kpop events around Cebu and outside Cebu. With Clash of Kpop, inspired by Clash of Clans, they ought to introduce PinK as a new event in the Cebu K-pop Community which everyone should look out for. As part of the staff, it is clearly visible that the readiness of the founders were at a 100-percent and this made the event smooth-sailing in the process. The event started with the introduction of special performers as they danced to an intro of less than a minute or close to a minute. After everyone has performed, they danced to Bigbang’s latest hit “Bang Bang Bang.” (I have no pictures of those performances since I was part of the special performers.) DANCE CONTEST JUDGES Jedah Jedah Jedah Jedah567 PERFORMERS


Are you also a KPOP fan? Do you also attend events like this? If yes, what do you like most about it?